Arina Bras

Adout the artist

  • The Creation of Arina is “The Song of Triumphant Love”, it’s a miracle that is happening on Gran Canaria!

Аrina first took brush in hand in 49 years. She was born in Siberia and raised in Ukraine. She graduated from the University in Kharkov, where she worked for many years as a mathematics teacher in a   secondary school, and later as principal of a gymnasium.

Looking to make some life changes, Arina established her own successful real estate agency. Her job involved cooperation with other countries. And she met Jan from the Netherlands. They fell in love.

Jan and Arina married on Gran Canaria and continue to live there. Their mutual love, combined with the extraordinary energy and colour of Gran Canaria, was the impulse for opening Arina’s artistic  talent  which she had not even suspected.

Arina paints with acrylic and oil in her own unique style. Her paintings have been highly praised by the many visitors to her gallery in Puerto de Maughan. Now her works hang on the walls of her fans in Spain, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, the USA and Australia.



  • The gallery’s competition in February 2017 was the 7th Annual “CityScapes” Art Competition. Pictures “Puerto de Mogan ” honored with a special  in the category “Painting & Other Category
  • From October 2016 was the 6th Annual “SeaScapes” Art Competition.  Pictures “Mogan Night” honored with a special  in the category “Painting & Other Category
  • From 10 to 26 September 2016 Year Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery held 6th annual contest Internet “Open” (No Theme). Pictures “Irish Daisy” honored with a special Merit Award Category. And the picture “Salvador Dali” honored a special award in the category “Painting & Other Category.
  • 24.08-06.05.2016 the first solo exhibition “The Song of Triumphant Love”, Real Club Nautico, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain;
  • Permanent exhibition of paintings, Gallery Cafe “Arijan”_ Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria, Spain;